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Caught blissfully floating on the trails of Northern Sunsets,

colorful clouds darting.

Emblematic colors, amber blue purple skies sings North.


Constellation rushing Stella by Starlight,

twilight crystal blue persuasion,

a cool summer’s night

moody mood for love.. together we are in love

my heart belongs to you, yours is mine.

Don’t mind me for loving you today,

tomorrow morning and forever,

now…and forevermore.


As the Sun rises its warm arms outstretched,

in love holding hands.

Compassionately, uncompromised,

committed to this moment.

Isn’t Love Beautiful.


Stretched out laid out

surrounded in the blue orgone lightforce field,

enraptured captured, wrapped up in passion

dazzled by beauty,

delightful innocence and perfectly indulgent.


Our first kiss, smooth, gentle, easy, naive,

free fall, flying, fearlessly exposed, starlight constellations flashes,

heart beats throbs, heartbeats infinitely in love,

engaged in the act of pure perfection.

Lovingly yours.


Jose Kendall


Norway 2013.

May 31