Lost Paradise

Here I Stand With You Wholeheartedly.

Endless Emotions Finds A Way To The Doorstep Of My Mind.

Emerging As A Voice, Of Rage, Confrontation, Question, Disguise, And


Which Face Shall I Wear Today? (Will You Claim)?

The One Of Humanity? Hidden In Compartmentalized Intelligences,



The One By The Door ?

Today The Cracked Mirror On the Wall Has Shattered Dreams Of Yesterdays

Hopes Of Tomorrow’s Future

Shall I Wear My Suit Of Armour?

A Brave Warrior Has No Fear Of The Battleground.

All The Winter’s Of War, Are Cold, Dark, And Heartless.

All The Feelings Are Locked Up Inside

Was It Me Inside Of You, Trying To Get Out, To Free Humanity

Of All It’s Heartlessness?

By: Jose Kendall 2006-08-11/1991

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4 responses to “Lost Paradise”

  1. Kristoffer Utama says :

    Its both Dark and light in this post lovely written Jose !

  2. Urs Althaus says :

    your friend
    Urs Althaus

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